Peeling fingertips

26 July 2018
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26 July 2018, Comments: 0

Peeling fingertips is not likely an issue for concern. This is a common occurrence which is often due to environmental irritations or other controllable issues.

In some instances, peeling fingertips can stem from an underlying condition. If the fingertips do not respond to home remedies or the symptoms worsen, a doctor must be seen.

What are the environmental causes of peeling fingertips?

Various environmental factors that external forces that may or may not be controlled. Some of these factors include:

Peeling fingertips

In some instances, peeling fingertips can stem from an underlying condition.

  • Dry skin – this is prevalent during the winter season. One is prone to dry skin if bathing or showering in hot water. Oftentimes, strong ingredients in soap or other products can trigger dryness. The treatment involves using a mild soap and applying a hand moisturizer.
  • Frequent handwashing – excessive handwashing can result to peeling fingertips. Frequent washing of the hands can wear out the lipid barrier on the surface of the skin.
  • Harsh chemicals – some chemicals added to soaps, moisturizers, shampoos and other beauty products can trigger skin irritation that results to peeling fingertips
  • Sunburn – extended exposure to the sun can result to a sunburn. Peeling fingertips is an expected symptom that arises a few days after the initial sunburn.
  • Reaction to cold and hot weather – dry climates and cold temperature can result to cracked, dry and peeling skin
  • Finger sucking – this is likely among infants or toddlers. Some might do this to a point which results to cracking or peeling.

What are the underlying health conditions?

Oftentimes, peeling fingertips is a sign of an underlying health condition.

Some of the usual health conditions responsible for peeling fingers include:

  • Allergies – the skin on the fingertips might peel if allergic to something they were exposed to.
  • Deficiency in niacin or vitamin A toxicity – lack of vitamin B3 (niacin) in the diet can result to pellagra. Supplements is the only approach to restore the level of vitamin B3. If there is excess vitamin A, it can result to irritated skin and cracking fingernails.
  • Hand eczema – generalized inflammation of the skin can cause hand eczema to develop.
  • Psoriasis – peeling fingertips might be a sign of psoriasis
  • Exfoliative keratolysis – this often arises during the summer season. It is defined as blisters that later peel. It results to skin that appears reddened and feels dry and cracked.

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