Walking pneumonia among adults

26 March 2018
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26 March 2018, Comments: 0

Walking pneumonia is a type that is not serious enough to require hospitalization. An individual with “walking pneumonia” might perform daily tasks while infected.

Any form of virus or bacteria can cause pneumonia. In most cases, walking pneumonia typically affects young individuals, mostly between the ages of 5-16 but can also affect the elderly.

What are the signs?

The indications of walking pneumonia generally worsen in a gradual manner. The usual indication is a dry, hacking cough that later changes to a productive cough later. The other symptoms that might be present include:

  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Low-grade fever

    Walking pneumonia

    The usual indication is a dry, hacking cough that later changes to a productive cough later.

  • Wheezing

Even though the symptoms are typically mild, it might take a month or more to heal, especially among the elderly whose immune system are weak.

What should I do if walking pneumonia is suspected?

If an older adult is suspected with walking pneumonia, a doctor must be seen. In case an individual has been coughing for several days, there might be a possibility for walking pneumonia.

The doctor might request a chest X-ray to help in determining a diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is established, antibiotics are generally given.

The doctor might decide to start treatment in a healthcare facility particularly if the individual has other existing conditions. In the healthcare setting, antibiotics are administered intravenously along with extra fluids and oxygen. If being treated at home, other measures to hasten the recovery include:

  • Bed rest
  • Increase the intake of water and warm fluid
  • Using a humidifier at night

More Information / Disclaimer

The information posted on this page on walking pneumonia is for learning purposes only. Learn to recognize the signs and how it is managed by taking a standard first aid course with Ottawa First Aid.

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