Early morning headaches: What are the usual causes?

18 January 2018
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18 January 2018, Comments: 0

Morning headaches can arise from various reasons. It can be experienced occasionally after lack of sleep or if under stress while others experience it on a regular basis.

The headaches might be due to a change in the body physiology. During the early hours in the morning, the degree of internal pain reduction of the body might be lowered. In addition, the body might release higher amounts of adrenaline throughout this period, resulting to migraine headaches.

Common causes of early morning headaches


A migraine might be a cause of early morning headaches. Migraines is considered as a common form and can affect the ability of the individual to function due to its throbbing sensation.


early morning headaches

Early morning headaches might be due to strained neck muscles.

Insomnia can disrupt the sleep pattern and leads to sleep deprivation. The condition is also a usual cause of early morning headaches.

The lack of sleep brought about by insomnia can trigger migraine headaches as well. Take note that controlling insomnia will allow the individual to sleep more and lessen the morning headaches.

Muscle strain

Early morning headaches might be due to strained neck muscles. The individual should assess his/her sleeping pattern and the pillows used to relieve this type of headache.

The pillows used should help maintain the ideal sleeping position that supports the spine and neck.

Teeth grinding

Teeth grinding can occur at night as a sleeping disorder. It can trigger a headache upon waking up in the morning. The headache is described as dull and can be felt near the temples.

Alcohol or drug use

In some cases, early morning headaches can be caused by alcohol or medications. Some drugs can disrupt with the sleeping pattern, resulting to disturbed sleep and headaches in the morning.

Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can lead to irregular sleep and even a hangover.

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