Summer precautions: Remedies for heat rashes

30 April 2016
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30 April 2016, Comments: 0

Heat rashes develop if an individual has been exposed to high heat and humidity. During the summer season, there are certain precautions to be considered especially when it comes to heat-related illnesses including heat rashes, sunburn, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

When it comes to heat rashes, they typically occur during this time of the year and affects individuals of all ages. As an individual starts to sweat, the sweat on the skin blocks the glands. Once the sweat glands could not get through, irritation occurs and heat rash forms. There are certain parts of the body that are prone to the rashes. In most cases, heat rash can make the skin reddened and feel prickly or itchy.

Cold compress

A heat rash develops after exposure to excess humidity and heat which is expected during the summer season. When managing a heat rash, you have to reduce the amount of heat on the body. This can be accomplished by applying a cold compress on the skin.

You can prepare a cold compress using a bath towel or paper towel that is immersed in cool water. An alternative is to add ice cubes to a plastic bag or wrap it in a towel to soothe the skin. Apply the cold compress on the affected area for about 10 minutes to cool the skin and prevent the rash from getting worse.

Heat rashes

You can prepare a cold compress using a bath towel or paper towel that is immersed in cool water.

Air drying

The individual can take a shower or bath after to minimize the amount of perspiration or sweat on the skin as well as provide a soothing effect. Instead of using a towel to dry off, it is recommended to air-dry the body instead. This will allow the water along with the sweat to evaporate off the body.

Proper clothing

It is recommended to change into dry, clean and loose-fitting clothes after experiencing a heat rash. Wearing constricted or tight clothing can lead to further irritation of the heat rash since it causes the skin to sweat further. Loose-fitting shirts and cotton shorts can help soothe a heat rash.

What is anhydrous lanolin?

If an individual develops heat rash, you can also use anhydrous lanolin as a natural moisturizer which works by soothing the skin. After taking a bath or shower to minimize the excess sweat on the skin, apply the anhydrous lanolin. Once applied, it can prevent future development of heat rash before a workout.

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