Leg cramps from exercises: Preventive measures

31 May 2018
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31 May 2018, Comments: 0

Leg cramps are defined as tightness in the leg muscles. Generally, it involves involuntary, painful muscular contractions that feels like a “knot”.

How to prevent leg cramps

There are various ways to prevent leg cramps from occurring after exercise.

  • Avoid dehydrating beverages – drinks that include caffeine such as tea, coffee, soda and energy beverages can lead to dehydration which can lead to leg cramps. It is recommended to drink water especially before, during and after workouts.
  • Improving the flexibility level – if the calf muscles are tight, it is the reason why leg cramps occur during exercise. It is recommended to keep the leg muscles flexible with static stretching.

    leg cramps

    Generally, it involves involuntary, painful muscular contractions that feels like a “knot”.

  • Proper warm-up before exercise – if the individual was not able to warm up before an exercise routine, the legs are likely to cramp. It is suggested to start the workout with suitable warm-up or fast-paced walking. This must be followed by some dynamic stretching.
  • Massage – massage can help both the body and mind relax but also loosen up any knot and flush out lactic acid from the muscles which lowers the chances for leg cramps.
  • Right diet – it is important to note that leg cramps might arise if there is a deficiency in magnesium, potassium and calcium. It is vital to ensure that the daily diet includes these nutrients such as potatoes, bananas, milk, yogurt, apricots and orange juice.

Disclaimer / More Information

The information posted on this page on leg cramps is for learning and educational purposes only. To learn more about preventive measures and management of leg cramps, register for first aid training at one of our training centers located throughout Canada. The training centers are in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Kelowna, Saskatoon, Victoria, Surrey, Mississauga, Winnipeg, Red Deer, Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax.

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