Eye burns

14 January 2017
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14 January 2017, Comments: 0

Eye burns necessitates immediate medical care as soon as possible. You should provide appropriate first aid care such as flushing the eye using cool water until the individual can be taken to the nearest emergency department to stop further eye injury.

Most of the substances that enter the eyes that causes a burning sensation will not lead to serious eye issues. The only treatment required for substances such as shampoos, soaps and perfumes that enter the eyes is immediate flushing with water. After flushing, the eyes are slightly irritated and painful, but these symptoms should settle quickly.

How does it occur?

Eye burns

Chemical burns in the eye can occur if a liquid or solid chemical or even fumes enters the eye.

Chemical burns in the eye can occur if a liquid or solid chemical or even fumes enters the eye. Various substances will not result to damage if flushed immediately.

Acids such as battery acid or bleach as well as alkali substances can impair the eye. This can take 24 hours after the burn is sustained to pinpoint the severity of eye burns. Chemical vapors and fumes can also trigger irritation of the eyes.

The burns to the eye or eyelid can result to eye issues. Being exposed to blasts of hot air can burn the eyes and face. Even bursts of flames or flash fires from explosives or stoves can also burn the eyes and face.

Prevention of eye burns

Eyes that are not properly protected by ultraviolet (UV) sunglasses or a mask can be scorched by being exposed to high-intensity light from a welding equipment or bright sunlight.

The eyes might also be damaged by other sources of bright lights such as from sunlamps or tanning booths. Being exposed to high-intensity light might result to brief blindness. Remember that it can take up to 24 hours for the degree of the eye injury to be known.

After eye burns, it is vital to monitor for any indications of an eye infection.

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The information posted on this page on eye burns is for learning purposes only. Learn to recognize and manage eye injuries including burns by taking a standard first aid course with Ottawa First Aid.

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