Eye burning sensation: What are the possible causes?

29 July 2016
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The eye burning sensation that is accompanied by drainage or itchiness is usually an indication of an infection. These symptoms can also manifest due to the presence of a foreign body in the eye or an eye injury.

Remember that these symptoms are serious and must be carefully assessed by a doctor right away. If left untreated, it increases the risk for eye damage or loss of vision.

Possible causes of eye burning sensation, itching or drainage

Eye infections

The usual cause of combined eye burning sensation, drainage and itchiness is an eye infection. The usual causes of eye infection include the following:

  • Bacteria and viruses
  • Allergies
  • Wearing dirty or contaminated contact lenses

    Eye burning

    The presence of a foreign body in the eye can cause eye burning sensation along with drainage and itchiness.

  • Parasites or fungus
  • Using expired eye drops
  • Using contact lenses for an extended time
  • Sharing eye make-up with others
  • Sharing contact lenses with another individual

Conjunctivitis or pinkeye is a common eye infection which affects the conjunctiva. This condition causes intense itchiness and watery eyes along with drainage that leaves behind crusts in the eye corners and eyelashes.

Foreign body in the eye

The presence of a foreign body in the eye can cause eye burning sensation along with drainage and itchiness. The foreign bodies often responsible of the symptoms include pollen, spices, plant material and even insects.

Eye injuries

These symptoms might also be triggered by damage to the eye area that can easily occur while playing sports or working with chemicals. Additionally, the eye can also be injured with a sharp fingernail when placing in or removing the contacts.

How to deal with eye burning sensation, drainage or itchiness

The bacterial eye infections are managed using prescription antibiotics in eye drop form. Nevertheless, the individual might have to use oral antibiotics to fight the infection if the prescription drops are not effective.

Remember that there is no treatment for viral eye infections. Nevertheless, this type often improves within 2-3 weeks. The use of steroid drops can also relieve eye inflammation and itchiness. These drops are effective in managing ulcers that formed on the eye due to significant damage from the infection.

Preventive measures

  • You can prevent the spread of an infection to others by thorough hand washing after touching the eyes. The spread of infection from one eye to the other can also be prevented by washing hands after touching the infected eye or other part of the face.
  • Avoid sharing contact lenses, bedding, glasses, sunglasses, eye makeup or towels with an individual who has an eye infection.
  • Always wash the contact lens case and disinfect after every use. The lenses should be taken out daily and clean using a disinfectant solution. Wash hands regularly before touching the surface of the eye. Eye drops and solutions that are way beyond the expiration date must be discarded.
  • Avoid damage to the eye by clipping the nails before removing and placing contact lenses.
  • Always wear the proper protective gear while playing sports or working around chemicals or equipment that produce debris.

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