Can fish cause stomach cramps?

2 April 2016
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2 April 2016, Comments: 0

The stomach cramps that occur after eating fish can be triggered by various triggers and you only need to check the last meal that was eaten to figure out the cause. Once fish is eaten, it is a usual cause of stomach cramps especially among children. This is due to the fact that fish is included as one of the common allergy triggers and also capable of harboring bacteria that leads to food poisoning.

Once fish is suspected as the cause for the stomach cramps, consider the frequency in which the symptoms develop to determine whether the pain can be linked to food poisoning or food allergy. When it comes to food poisoning, it is usually a one-time condition but some are more sensitive to detrimental bacteria and might contract the illness more frequently than others. If the individual has eaten that specific type of fish before without any ill effects, food poisoning is the likely cause. Nevertheless, if the stomach cramps frequently occurs after eating fish, it might indicate an allergy.

Food poisoning

Food poisoning involves abrupt stomach cramps usually within 1-8 hours of eating. Take note that fish especially undercooked or raw fish are the common carriers of detrimental bacteria responsible for triggering the condition.

Stomach cramps

Food poisoning involves abrupt stomach cramps usually within 1-8 hours of eating.

Allergy triggers

Saltwater and freshwater fish as well as shellfish are all considered as food allergy triggers. Many individuals are highly sensitive to the proteins in shellfish and fish. This sensitivity can trigger stomach cramps right after the ingestion of these foods.

Since food allergies can become severe over time, it is vital to pay close attention to any foods that might be responsible for triggering the stomach pain. When it comes to fish, the individual should note down the exact type that was ingested as well as how it was prepared and other ingredients served with it.

Other symptoms

Both fish allergy and food poisoning are accompanied by symptoms aside from stomach cramps. When it comes to food poisoning, if often triggers diarrhea and vomiting. Both can also develop in cases of food allergies but the common symptoms include dry, itchy skin with sudden rash. Take note that in both cases, the stomach cramps can be the initial indication that something is amiss.

Management of stomach cramps

When it comes to food poisoning, it eventually passes without requiring treatment after several hours. In case food poisoning from fish is suspected, it is vital to focus on increasing the intake of fluids as much as possible especially if the individual is vomiting until the episode passes.

In case food allergy is possible, a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible. The doctor will perform the necessary tests to properly diagnose the allergy and provide advice on how to avoid any future episodes.

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