Possible injuries during fencing

16 July 2014
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16 July 2014, Comments: 0

Even though injuries during fencing rarely occur, those that occur are usually minor in nature. Throughout the years, there is no single case of death that occurred while fencing. Nevertheless, there are minor injuries that can occur while playing the sport but can be avoided as long as proper technique is observed.

Those who are just starting with fencing are concerned when it comes to their safety since the use of use of swords can bring about fears of being stabbed or killed. It is important to note that the swords used in fencing are dampened with rubber stoppers on their ends so that they are not sharp to pierce the skin. The only health hazard is the overall condition of the individual. With this in mind, a full physical examination is conducted before starting fencing is recommended.

Strained muscles

Strained muscles and joints typically occur when engaging in fencing. The best way to prevent strains from occurring is to observe proper warm-up and stretching. The individual must spend 15-20 minutes of warm-up that are comprised of light jogging, jumping jacks or any routine that will pump up the blood without overexertion. As for the stretching, it should include the back, shoulder and the legs.

Fencing injuries-strains

Strained muscles and joints typically occur when engaging in fencing.


Just like with any type of contact sport, bruising will always occur. Based on studies conducted, most of the forced behind a hit is absorbed since the blade is flexible, not stiff. Nevertheless, there are times when a fencing match can get aggressive and a hit from an opponent can be powerful, thus leaving a bruise or welt. Additionally, if an individual is paired with an inexperienced player, expect extra bruises. This is due to the fact that a beginner is not yet accustomed to the feel of the sword and tends to utilize more force than what is needed during a match. With basic first aid, bruising can be easily managed.

Increased risk for injuries due to broken weapons

The risk for injuries is drastically increased due to broken weapons and this does occur. A broken weapon is considered sharp and can result to injuries particularly in cases where the fencer is not aware of what happened and continues to fight. Nevertheless, the use of protective gear will help minimize the risk.

The recommended protective gear are the FIE homologated pants, jackets and masks. Since these are expensive, the individual should at least use a mask and plastron. Additionally, regular inspection of the weapons used is a must. It is important to ensure that the curve is uniform and there are no cracks or breaks in order to prevent the weapons from breaking.

Safety precautions while fencing

Fencing is a fun and challenging sport to engage in. It is important to take into consideration safety precautions. Initially, the individual must avoid crossing blades without wearing a mask. Always remember that this is an essential rule in fencing.

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