Measures to ease back pain

16 September 2016
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16 September 2016, Comments: 0

Many individuals have experienced back pain at some point in life. Generally, most suffer from lower back pain. Even though the chances of experiencing severe or recurrent back pain intensifies as one gets older, there are measures that can help ease the discomfort.

Remedies for back pain

If an individual experience back pain, there are several measures that can be used to alleviate the discomfort.


If lower back pain occurs, it is recommended to perform the hamstring stretch that can reduce the risk for acute flare-ups. Simply sit down and flex one leg in front of the body, lean forward until a stretch is felt in the hamstring and repeat with the other leg.


For those who want a good workout that can also help minimize back pain, isometric strengthening exercises are recommended. When performing crunches, tense the abs and count up to 10 and relax then repeat.

Back pain

When a workout triggered back pain or there is a flare-up, you can apply an ice pack for approximately 30 minutes.

These minor, repetitive and focused movements can strengthen the core muscles so that they are capable of supporting the back.

If the individual wants to add some cardiovascular work, swimming is usually recommended. It is an ideal exercise that uses the lower back and the neck. It involves working against mild resistance of the water that can also strengthen the core as well.

Application of ice or heat

When a workout triggered back pain or there is a flare-up, you can apply an ice pack for approximately 30 minutes. It works by cooling down the inflammation. Cold can also be used as a preventive measure that is done after a workout even if there is no soreness.

As for heat, it is a suitable option later in the day to help relax the back muscles. A topical cream can also be used as long it provides relief.

Pain medication

Oftentimes, if the application of ice or heat could not help, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) such as ibuprofen or aspirin can be given. Just make sure that a doctor is consulted first before using the medications so that he/she is aware of the potential side effects and interactions, especially among those who are using blood thinners.


A sports or deep tissue massage can allow the muscles to recover from a workout or a long day at work. A massage can help minimize the pain symptoms among those who suffer from low back pain.

Getting enough sleep

If the individual has back pain, it is best to check the mattress. Actually, a good mattress is vital than the sleeping position. In case the mattress is not the issue, consider adding a pillow to the bed.

For side sleepers, positioning a pillow in between the legs can equalize the pressure on the spine. When sleeping on the back, you can add an extra pillow below the knees to reduce any tension.

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