How to Prevent head and Spinal Injuries

12 April 2012, Comments: 0

Common sense is an avid way to avoid injuries but education as provided by a workplace approved CPR training course from First Aid Ottawa will help as well. Almost all head and spinal injuries are preventable. If you are doing recreational activities such as biking, skating, boarding, motorbiking, hockey, football or climbing, it is recommended that you properly wear a helmet. Additional protective equipment is advisable for any sport that involves a risk of falling. Safety equipment such as harnesses and protective footwear is recommended in workplaces as well as proper training and communication. By reducing hazards, it will decrease the likelihood of an accident. Some advice is to make sure stairways are properly lit and equipped with handrails. Any spills should be cleaned up immediately and proper signs should be applied. Avoiding abusive levels of medication and alcohol would make everyone safer. Before diving into a pool or any water area, you should check the depth of the water. Driving in a safe and courteous manner while properly wearing a seat belt will make yourself safer and the other motorists on the road. This will reduce abdominal injuries in the event of a motor vehicle collision. Proper sleeping patterns and duration will help keep you focused and sharp. Signs and symptoms of head injuries may exhibit the following characteristics: change in consciousness, behaviour, pain, pressure in the head, blood or fluids exiting the ears/nose, bumps on the head, seizures, problems breathing/seeing, nausea or vomiting, unequal pupil size, headache that will not dissipate, weakness or inability to use a limb, loss of balance or bruising in the head region such as eyes or behind the ears. If these signs and symptoms appear, call EMS immediately to have a professional properly diagnose the situation. In order to properly equip yourself for such a scenario, please register your workplace approved CPR AED training course soon provided by First Aid Ottawa.

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