Eye redness

2 August 2018
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2 August 2018, Comments: 0

Eye redness can occur if the blood vessels on the surface of the eye dilate or expand. This can develop if a foreign object or substance entered the eye or if an infection formed.

The redness is usually brief and clears up quickly.

Short-term measures of eye redness

The suitable remedy for eye redness is based on the specific cause. Essentially, one or several of these measures can lessen the discomfort.

Warm compress

A warm towel must be placed on the eye for up to 10 minutes. The heat works by improving the flow of blood to the site. It also increases the production of oil on the eyelids. This allows the eyes to produce more lubrication.

Cold compress

Eye redness

A warm towel must be placed on the eye for up to 10 minutes.

If a warm compress is not effective, a cold compress can be used to provide brief relief to eye redness. The cold can lessen any swelling and itchiness due to irritation.

Artificial tears

The tears lubricate the eyes as well as keeping them clean. Short or long-term dryness can be alleviated by over-the-counter artificial tears to keep the eyes healthy.

Long-term care

If the individual regularly suffers from reddened, irritated eyes, a long-term approach might be suggested. Some of the lifestyle changes that can lessen the symptoms include the following:

  • Switch contacts – if the individual suffers from chronic eye redness and wearing contact lenses, there might be an issue with the eyewear. The materials present in some lenses can increase the risk for irritation and infection. The contact solution used can also affect the eyes. Some of the solution ingredients might not be compatible with some lens material.
  • Diet – if not properly hydrated, it can lead to eye redness. Generally, an individual requires up to 8 glasses of water a day to maintain proper fluid balance. Consuming large amounts of inflammatory foods can also lead to eye redness.
  • Environment – if constantly exposed to allergens such as smoke or pollen, it might be the cause for eye redness. In addition, humidity, dry air and wind are also contributing factors

What is the outlook?

In most instances, conditions that result to eye redness are not serious and settle without medical care. Home remedies such as compresses, and artificial tears can lessen the symptoms.

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