Close look on a wrist buckle fracture

30 August 2017
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30 August 2017, Comments: 0

A wrist buckle fracture only occurs during childhood. This type of fracture is the most common form among children.

The wrist is comprised of 2 elongated bones – radius and ulna. The radius is positioned under the thumb while the ulna is positioned outside the arm. The long bones in the forearm develop from the growth plates near the end. The growth plates are where the bone-producing and support cells divide rapidly. The bone grows in length and width from these plates which is not as sturdy as regular bone.

Does my child have a wrist buckle fracture?

A wrist buckle fracture arises if a child falls and lands on an extended hand. Children with the injury usually complain of wrist pain and refusal to use the affected arm. The child might identify one site of the wrist as sore. It is important to note that the affected arm is not generally deformed in any way.


Children with the injury usually complain of wrist pain and refusal to use the affected arm.

The forearm bones might compress which creates a bump or buckle on the dorsal aspect of the bones which is detected on an X-ray. As for the opposite side, it appears normal.


When it comes to a wrist buckle fracture, the affected arm might be placed under a cast for 3-6 weeks. Nevertheless, some doctors might decide to put the wrist under a splint. Take note that there is no difference in the healing rate of a fracture that is treated with a cast or splint.

As the bones of the child grows, they remodel. In just a year after sustaining a wrist buckle fracture, there might be no indication of a previous damage in the forearm bones.

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